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«Knowledge is an invaluable asset that is going to remain your property under any circumstances and will help you make Man and personality.

A. N. Alpeev
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The applicant submits the following documents to the admission:

  • application to the university - or - submit the application to the university president;
  • the originals of the educational documents with attachments;
  • original certificates of the passing of the centralized tests taken in 2014;
  • passport;
  • medical certificate regarding health condition in 2014;
  • 6 pictures size 3 by 4;
  • the extract from the occupational record book for the correspondence study;
  • documents of the name change.


Dates of the accepting of the documents

Applicants willing to study at the international humanitarian economic institute to get 1st level institute degree (or to get bachelors degree) through financial education

  • full time or correspondence classes of the education from 08 till 31st July 2014;
  • correspondence education (accelerated dates of setting education) from 08 till 12 july 2014).


Non citizens and resident aliens applying for IIHE to get a degree:

- following the interview verifying the education language competency level for the financial (paid) education - until 15 October 2014 (October 15, 2014)

- for the distance education on the financial (paid) education following the interview determining the education language competency level for the correspondence education - no time limits


Competency testing time period

  • for the correspondence education accelerated program on the financial basis July 13-18, 2014


Enrolling time period

The applicants are accepted for the in-class and correspondence types of getting degree up to August 2, 2014