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Speciality 1-25 01 04 'Finances and Credit'

Qualifications - An economist.

Objects of professional activity

The objects of professional activity of a specialist are finance services of state, joint, corporate, cooperative organizations, establishments and enterprises, public organizations, social and cultural establishments, loan institutions and insurance companies.

Sphere of professional activity

The sphere of professional activity of a specialist as based on the whole range of fundamental professional and specialized knowledge is:

-finance and loan planning;

-accounts with factory and office workers, budget and special funds, banks, parent organizations, suppliers and contractors;

-economic activity aimed at increase in productive efficiency;

-control over fulfillment of financial plans, credit contracts, over sustainable use of manufacturing resources and compliance with financial discipline; financial and economic activity analysis of enterprises, establishments and organizations.

Purpose of a specialist

A specialist must be trained for organizational, administrative, planned-economic, financial, loan, and research activity in the sphere of finance and loan management.

A specialist is meant mainly for work in fiscal authorities, banks, financial services of enterprises, organizations and establishments.