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«Knowledge is an invaluable asset that is going to remain your property under any circumstances and will help you make Man and personality.

A. N. Alpeev
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Ideological and educational activity.

Ideological and educational activity in IIHE is targeted at moulding of a personality possessing high moral qualities, patriotism, industry and developed ability of socializing.

Ideological and educational activity is aimed at individual work with the students. Students of IIHE understand how important it is for them to become a professional and an individuality.

To make ideological and educational activity more efficient different courses are used. The directions of ideological and educational work run as follows: organization of ideological and educational work at the faculties and chairs, civil education, ideological education, education of culture and self regulation; healthy life style, gender and family education, labour and professional education, education of free time activities.

A museum of IIHE was founded at the institute. It is a centre of propaganda in the sphere of patriotic education, in sport achievements.

Informative lessons, meeting with interesting people take peace in the museum.

«A theatre of songs» is a favourite at the institute. Students play different musical instruments and perform works of A. Alpeev, who wrote more than one hundred songs. Such a wide choise of musical works allows students to organize concert devoted to Christmas, to St. Valentine day to the Vicory day, etc. Disks with favourite songs are a desired present of the students.

Such public units are actively functioning in IIHE as «White Russia», BRUU.