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Speciality 1-23 01 01 'International Relations'


Qualifications - A specialist in international relations. An interpreter.

Objects of professional activity

The objects of professional activity of a specialist are events and actions of both political and foreign policy significance; relations arising due to functioning of objects of international relations, intergovernmental and non-governmental bodies, political institutions, political processes and political systems, international systems, as well as methods that help analyze, forecast and optimize political processes and develop theoretically substantiated political decisions and actions.

Sphere of professional activity
The sphere of professional activity of a specialist as based on the whole range of fundamental natural-science, professional and specialized knowledge is:

-to carry out international activity for various institutional and non-institutional social communities, to study present-day international relations, the most significant international organizations and associations, issues of national security and foreign policy of the Republic of Belarus and other states;

-to develop theoretically substantiated recommendations concerning foreign policy activities of the Republic of Belarus;

-educational work at higher school.

Purpose of a specialist

A specialist should be able to carry out diplomatic, research, informational and analytical work in the area of international relations. He or she may be engaged in scientific and educational work in research and educational institutions and work for state and social organizations that deal in international contacts.

A specialist is meant mainly to work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, consular missions of the Republic of Belarus abroad, other state bodies or public organizations related to international relations and international contacts of Belarus and hold those positions that may be filled in by specialists with higher education.