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Speciality 1-23 01 04 'Psychology'

Qualifications - A psychologist. A teacher of psychology.

Objects of professional activity

The objects of professional activity of a specialist are personality and its traits, psycho-physiological and mental processes, characteristics and qualities, as well as social and psychological phenomena that reveal themselves in various fields of behavior, activities and interaction of people.

Sphere of professional activity

The sphere of professional activity of a specialist as based on the whole range of fundamental natural-science, professional and specialized knowledge is:

-scientific effort in psychology sphere carried out in research establishments and higher educational establishments;

-psychological and pedagogical activity realized in establishments and organizations that are connected with various aspects of teaching, in educational establishments that aim at developing a personality, its social qualities and extending its adaptation capabilities and behavior adjustment;

-practical psychological and counseling activity carried out in health system establishments, in vocational guidance and professional advice agencies, departments and firms that deal in personnel recruitment and training, employment agencies and the mass media, agencies for marriage counseling, social adaptation and emotional involvement of various population groups.

Purpose of a specialist

A specialist must be trained for research, pedagogical, and methodological activity in the field of psychology in research institutes, educational establishments of all types, and centers studying a human being.

A psychologist whose specialization is 'social psychology' may work as a practical psychologist at various enterprises and firms, in departments that deal in personnel recruitment, training and training, vocational guidance and employment agencies, the mass media, advertising agencies, in organizations and departments that deal in marketing, social adaptation agencies and agencies that provide support for various population groups.