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«Knowledge is an invaluable asset that is going to remain your property under any circumstances and will help you make Man and personality.

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It is impossible to imagine a nation or a state outside sport. It is since ancient times, the times of legendary Ellas and Sparta, throughout the whole human history that sport has been an integral part of social life. It is one of the most significant factors for a state to be recognized in the world arena. Sportsmen belong to the most prominent representatives of their nation. Belarusian sportsmen have participated in many Olympics, World and European championships. They have been awarded a wealth of high prizes.

Unfortunately, time is inexorable, so the names of those who were idols and national celebrities yesterday are mentioned less frequently in the columns of the press today. They are becoming a thing of the past. We forget those who we worshipped not long ago. Thus, there arises the question of how we honor our national heroes and whether we do our best to facilitate the life of sportsmen for them to feel our care and attention and to be sure their experience and knowledge are necessary to us. I think we fail to do our best.

Over 200 sportsmen have been and are students of International Humanitarian and Economic Institute. It should be noted that sport was initially determined as one of priority directions when we defined institute's development strategy. The main aim the administration of the higher educational establishment pursued when admitting sportsmen was their social protection. Sportsmen were not charged any tuition fee, on the contrary, many of them were given scholarship, and thus, they were given an incentive for their track records.

The institute administration and its teaching staff solve an extremely important task of training specialists by means of physical education and sport that is combined with moral education, education through work, aesthetic education and shaping civic patriotism. This seems to be just as important as specialized and spiritual development and education of students. As we know, large-scale involvement and sportsmanship are basic directions of developing sport in our country. High sports achievements of the students of our institute are our national heritage.

Ten students of the institute had their sports baptism during the Summer Olympic in 1996 in Atlanta. Vladimir Dubrovshchik became a silver prize winner in discus throwing, while Aleksey Medvedev took second place in freestyle wrestling. Success attended our students in 1997 as well. Aleksey Medvedev and Natick Bagirov became world champions among students in freestyle wrestling and sambo respectively. At the Swimming European Championship Alexander Gukov won 2 gold medals while Oleg Rukhlevich won a bronze medal. Aleksey Medvedev and Natick Bagirov took 2nd places at European Championships over again. The year of 1997 was a year of plenty for the Honored Master of Sports, the XXV Olympics champion in canoeing Alexander Maseikov who won a silver medal and a bronze medal at the World Cup.

On January 1, 1997 sporting classification in aerobics was carried into effect. IHEI students Marina Davidovskaya, Eugenia Chichiro, Andrei Chernousick, Yelena Metlushko and Eugenie Ivanov became the first masters of sports in aerobics in the Republic of Belarus. The same year Yelena Metlushko and Eugenie Ivanov became bronze medal holders at the European Cup.

Participation of students in the National Games-97 that were devoted to the Olympics centenary promoted further development of physical culture and sport at the institute. We bore away most of the prizes among higher educational establishments of the Republic of Belarus that were part of the second group (17 gold medals and 1 silver medal). In 1997 eighty-two students of the institute participated in championships and competitions of the World Cup and the European Cup, in the World Student Games and international match meetings as members of national teams.

In 1998 IHEI students made their contribution to the history of the world sport. Dmitry Dashchinsky took third place at the Winter Olympics in Nagano. Natick Bagirov (sambo) and Olga Zaitseva (calisthenics) became World Champions. The same year Olga Teterkina and Boris Bachkovsky won the first world championship in wheelchair dancing. At the 1998 Winter National Championship in track and field athletics among higher educational establishments the combined team of the institute took first place thus leaving behind the Academy of Physical Training and Sport.

Our students obtained prominent success in 1999. Ivan Ivankov, Aleksey Sinkevich, Ivan Pavlovsky, Julia Sobko and Natalya Naranovich - in artistic gymnastics, Oksana Velichko, Olga Tsander, Arthur Meleshkevich - in track and field athletics, Alexander Shlyk - in judo, Dmitry Lapkes - in fencing. They all participated in the Summer World Student Games. Alyona Polozkova and Inna Poklonskaya became silver prize winners at this sporting forum.

In 1999 Olga Tratsevskaya became a world champion in boat racing, Aleksey Ignashov and Ivan Tolkachev became world champions in Thai boxing, Aleksey Bogdanov became a world champion in karate while Anna Mertens in sambo. The students of the institute Ivan Ivankov, Ivan Pavlovsky, and Alexander Shostak won bronze medals in the team event as members of the national team of the Republic of Belarus in artistic gymnastics at the 1999 World Championship. At the 1998 World Championship in calisthenics Anastasia Zvariko and Irina Ilyenkova became bronze medal holders in group exercises while Eugenia Pavlina won a silver medal in the team event. Sergei Shevko won 2 silver medals at the European Championship in swimming.

IHEI took first team place among the higher educational establishments of the Republic of Belarus at the 2000 National Student Games. Twenty-eight students of our institute participated in the XXVII Olympics in Sydney (Australia) in 2000. Our student Irina Ilyenkova won a silver medal in calisthenics.

In 2001 in Zakopane there were held XX World Student Games from February 7 until February 17, with over 45 participant states. Belarusian students took 9th place in the team event. They won 1 gold medal, 4 silver medals and 4 bronze medals. IHEI students and biathlon competitors A. Aidarov, A. Syman, S. Novikov and R. Valiulin made the most valuable contribution to the successful performance of the students' sports delegation of the Republic of Belarus at the Winter World Student Games in 2001 as they won the 4*7.5 km relay race. I. Tananaiko, K. Zikunkova and O. Nazarova won a silver medal in the 3*7.5 km relay race. R. Valiulin took 2nd place in 10-kilometer sprint and won a bronze medal in 20-kilometer individual race.

There were 23 students of our institute among the participants of XXI Summer World Student Games held in Beijing (China) in August 2001. Ten of the seventeen medals won by the Belarusian national team belonged to the combined team of the institute. Victoria and Veronica Pavlovich were the only representatives of Europe who won medals in table tennis. The students of the institute made up two thirds of the handball team 'Arkatron-IHEI'. Some years ago the team was one of the strongest in the Republic of Belarus; they even became world champions in beach handball in Brazil playing in the national team.

The sportsmen of the institute displayed good results at international contests in 2001. Tatyana Moskvina won two gold medals at the European Championships in judo and sambo. Yelena Lapitskaya won a gold medal at the European Championship in sambo. Olga Tratsevskaya and Aleksey Abalmasov became World Cup holders in boat racing and canoeing, respectively. Aleksey Bogdanov took first place at the European Championship in karate in the team event. Alexander Poshelyuk won a silver medal and set up a record of the Republic of Belarus in power lifting at the World Championship among students. Aleksey Pekarchik and Andrei Molchanov won gold medals at the World Cup in Thai boxing, while Aleksey Ignashov took first place and Ivan Tolkachev was third at the World Championship. Aleksey Grishin and Dmitry Dashchinsky took first and second places at the World Championship in freestyle, respectively. Ksenia Zikunkova won a silver medal and Lyudmila Ananko won a bronze one at the World Championship in summer biathlon.

In 2003 Andrei Molchanov won the World Championship in kickboxing for the sixth time. In 2005 he became a world champion for the seventh time. There are top-ranking sportsmen among graduates and students of the IHEI department for social and political sciences, e.g. Anastasia Zvariko who became a European champion in calisthenics in 1997 and a world champion in 1998; she also won the International grace and artistic skill contest 'Queen Spring 2002'; Ivan Tolkachev who won the World Championship in Thai boxing four times; Alexander Pantyukhov who became a world champion in kickboxing in 2003; Aleksey Ignashov who is known as 'Red Scorpion ' all over the world is a repeated world champion in Thai boxing and a winner of international tournaments in K-1; Aleksey Ousik and Andrei Krainov who are members of the national handball team.

Director General of the institute was thanked officially by President of the International Olympic Committee Juan A. Samaranch for the outstanding achievements of the institute's sportsmen, students and graduates. The achievements are displayed in the exposition of the IHEI museum of sporting fame.

Accumulated experience enabled the institute take an active part in preparing and holding the International conference 'Pressing problems of sports science in training sportsmen for the Olympics' held on June 24-25 2004 in Minsk and organized jointly with the National Olympic Committee and the Ministry for Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus. Success of IHEI students was due to the significant organizational and educational activity of heads of federations, coaches of the Republic of Belarus and, of course, of institute administration and the teaching staff of the physical education and sport sub-department.

Our sportsmen are people respected by both our teaching staff and the students. Each of them is a person spelled with a capital letter, primarily because they are hard-working and because they, to a certain extent, sacrifice themselves. Only those who have great willpower can deprive themselves of many pleasures and give all their strength and efforts to training, competitions and service to sport or, if you wish, to the people and their mother country.

I always admire such people. They are an example to follow. It has been my fortune to be able to socialize with sportsmen for over 10 years of my work at IHEI. This communication is a great delight. The majority of sportsmen are educated and cultured people who display both physical and spiritual strength and who have an opinion of their own concerning many issues of public life, economics and culture.

I value my friendship with the world champion in judo Natick Bagirov, the 1996 Atlanta Olympics silver medal winner Vladimir Dubrovshchik, the world champion in gymnastics Ivan Ivankov, the participant of the final in long jump at the 1996 Summer Olympics Alexander Glavatsky and other sportsmen. I maintain most close contacts with almost every coach.

IHEI is proud to have an Olympic champion, 19 world champions, 5 Olympics silver medal prize winners, 15 Honored Masters of Sports, over 50 international class masters of sports, over 100 masters of sports and candidate masters of sports among its students. Our national team has become a national champion among the higher educational establishments several times. At the National Championship the team yielded only to the team of Minsk SKA. The sports team of the institute leads in the national sports field. There is no high-level sporting competition whether it is the Olympics, World and European Championships, World Student Games and National Championships, which are held without our team's participation.