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«Knowledge is an invaluable asset that is going to remain your property under any circumstances and will help you make Man and personality.

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Teaching courses

Private institute of education

«International Institute of Humanities and Economics» invites over for training courses in 2014-2015 academic year

We, taking into consideration the tendency of market educational services, offer you the most claiming and actual directions:

  1. Store-house logistics
  2. Foreign economic activity and custom regulation.
  3. Financial and tax management
  4. Actual problems of civil economic law and process
  5. The questions of qualification offences in the Republic of Belarus
  6. Corruption and its public danger
  7. Methods and techniques managing of conflict
  8. Interrelation and loneliness
  9. Training of personal growth
  10. Training of confident behavior and manage of emotions
  11. Basis of neurolinguistic program

Each direction - it’s your next step in carrer

The programme consists of: lections, seminars and practical trainings

The forms of teaching: correspondence

The terms of teaching: from 1 month to 3 monthes

Beginning of teaching as far as possible completing groups after the conclusion of treaty and paying in prepayment

Set is accomplished year-round

Our phone is +375 17 321 00 09 Olga Vasilievna